Agent Case


iPhone Cover for your
and data security

The value of information

Many social networks and hackers wiretap
 people and transfer information
to third-party entities.
And it's dangerous!

Just imagine what they can do if they
get hold of your daily conversations, photos,
e-mails, mobile transactions, etc.?
Only Agent Case can guarantee your privacy.

Complete Protection

Anti-wiretap, anti-gps, anti-spy


The case has a noise generator (spider pattern
on the cover filled with polymer), which
works on different frequencies, always
different from ones involved in transmission.


The chip eliminates gaps in the phone security
system left by developers on NSA request.
Now such chips are available not only for
intelligence agencies.

Carbon Case

Agent Case has no light or sound indicators boasting the smallest
 possible dimensions for that kind of device. It completely imitates
 a regular carbon case. No one ever guess what you use.
Due to high-technology material, Agent Case will
protect your phone from falls and scratches.

Easy to use

Manually assembled


Premium carbon

How it works

by electromagnetic field

The case uses the electromagnetic field emitted by the phone as a source of energy, thus at the same time diminishing the destructive influence of phone’s electromagnetic field

Preserves full functionality

Agent Case doesn’t block mobile and internet connection. It provides real-time protection without diminishing phone’s functionality. Any case of a breach or wiretapping is prevented by multi-level protection system

Protection in off mode

The case keeps working when your iPhone is switched off, for the phone still receiving and sending signals in this mode.

Agent Case —
Your Safety Guarantee

129 $

About the developer

Agent Case is developed in Izhevsk (the home town of the legendary
Kalashnikov), Russia, by specialists who have been working in military
drones IT safety area  for more than 10 years.

We tested 50 Agent Cases and only 2
of them allowed partial access to data.
Our team has already removed
that defect and is constantly improving
the product.

The chip undergoes a series of tests
before being integrated into the
cover and programmed.

It is prohibited to use the device to hand over
any information that constitutes a state secret.

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